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  Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness or Discomfort  

As a travel agent, I have been asked several times how to avoid motion sickness. So, I have done some research and listed a few things that has helped me and others over the years.

• Take Ginger - For centuries, Asian healers (and presumably Asian mothers) have trusted ginger to relieve nausea. In fact, some studies have confirmed that ginger can prevent or at least ease, motion sickness. Bottom line: To ward off queasiness, eat crystallized ginger or take a dried ginger tablet (available at health food stores) Before traveling (I have found that it does work).

• Pop A Pill - Anti-nausea products such as Dramamine and Bonine (which come in children’s dosages) are actually antihistamines that work by calming the brain’s balance center. Bottom line: Like many meds, both may have minor side effects, Bonine is less likely to cause drowsiness.

• Eat Protein - Ditch those crackers. Eating protein, not carbohydrates, is better for easing motion sickness. Bottom line: Have a high-protein snack, such as a handful of nuts, every two hours when traveling, An empty stomach just sets you up for a case of the green meanies.

• Wear Wristbands - Acupressure point P6, about an inch up from the hand on the underside of the arm, is thought to govern queasiness. You can press on it or wear acupressure wristbands, such as Sea-Bands, which will free your hands for better things - like eating lunch, now that you’re not in danger of losing it. Bottom Line: A 2001 study gives acupressure wristbands a thumbs-up but "they may not work for everyone" (I know a fellow travel agent who has clients who swear by them).

• Lick Queasy Pops - Manufacture, Three Lollies, claims that the essential oils in its all-natural Queasy Pops, inspired by their successful Preggie Pops, stimulate nerves in the brain that control nausea. Bottom Line: Maybe it’s the oils or the comfort of sucking on a tasty lollipop, but Queasy Pops do seem to help some kids.

• Patch- You can get your doctor to prescribe you anti-nausea patch like Dramamine but they do come with side effects. They work really well for both my wife and I, but the we both experience the side effect of having an extremely dry mouth. Tip: try wearing it on your wrist instead of behind your ear.

• Green Apples and crackers- recommended by the crew of most cruise lines. My wife and I tried this and it worked for us. (My personal favorite)
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